9th of February – Pizza Day

You can say that Pizza Day started in the 10th century in Naples, Italy. This is when records first show the presence of pizza. It started out as a simple flatbread spread with sauce and sprinkled with cheese.

And how to celebrate it?

Well that is easy: order your favorite pizza and enjoy.

Our favorite pizza delivery service in Bergamo:

Pizzeria da Lino e Cinzia



I always knew there is a sweet way to have pizza for breakfast AND dessert…

Since moving to Italy pizza delivery service is THE thing. I can live on pizza for months. But these sweet suggestions are fab too. Pizza for dessert? Why not!

I am so going to try the following numbers:

3: I can smell it already…

4: this is such a yummy and perfect match…

5: yes, yes, yes…

12: the all-in-one version: sweet and cheese…

19: even a gluten free version. How can you not love this?

How to offend your italian friends…

15 ways to piss off your italian friends.

Take a look on the list.

I need to add: don’t ever try Nr 1 or Nr 3 in my house and Nr 4 freaks me out 😉

Nevertheless pretty much the same “works” with the french too when it comes to food and language. And let´s face it: Paris is the center of the fashion world.

Take a look here