Who is loudcooking?

Who is loudcooking? I am pretty sure everyone who loves to cook and bake. I love to cook, to read about food, trying new recipes and improve on a daily basis. Dinners in our house are never quiet. Cooking sessions with friends include chatting, music and laughter.

I grew up in Austria and moved to Bergamo North Italy in 2012.

My childhood memories are connected with food, tastes and aroma. I do remember coming home from school trying to figure out what was for lunch, smelling the scent coming form the kitchen. Considering the fact sometimes it was not what I wanted I started cooking and baking pretty early. At the age of ten I took over the Sunday-Cake-Job.

Now why another blog?

Well… there is Paulchen: he wanted his own website. Since I brought him home from Mallorca in 2009 this little guy is traveling with me. Honestly the only thing he does is taking “Selfies”. He is not contributing any content, ideas or whatsoever. Finally we agreed he will have his own page on my blog and his own category. Funny enough since I starting the blog he does not want to join me anymore. I have to force him out of his comfort zone. Maybe it is his age? He turned six this May (2015) and for a Pink Panther this means a lot…

Anyway: I hope you enjoy reading his stories and also mine. Keep on cooking, keep on being loud and colorful and open your eyes, keep on trying new things.


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