Paulchen in Rome.

Hello again, it has been a while since our last trip. But it was too hot both outside and inside to think and write. You might think hot climate would be perfect for a cat but with Paulchen things are different. Since we moved to Bergamo he got lazy and even more diva-like. Quite impossible since he is already acting like one. Anyway. A few weeks ago I was able to convince him for a trip to Rome. We took the early morning train to Milano and the Frecciarossa to Termini.

First destination: The Colloseum. Paulchen was not really impressed but he took a selfie. He begged to buy one of these sticks but you cannot have it all, not even if you are cute, little and pink!

Paulchen at the Colosseum.

Paulchen and the Colosseum.

Next stop: Saint Peters.

Paulchen in the Vatican city.

Paulchen in the Vatican city.

Paulchen insisted to send a cat-postcard from the popes post-office. It arrived within one week. This would not persuade him though, that even the pope uses the Italian post system and not white carrier pigeons. Really I have no clue where he gets these ideas. He even tried to climb into the yellow post boxes to find the pigeons. He only stopped after I promised him some gelato. So off we where to Via dei Chiavari, 37.

Paulchen and gelato at Carapina

Paulchen and gelato at Carapina.

Carapina is one oft he best Gelaterie in Florence. Mr. Simone Bonini opened the shop in Rome in April 2014. Paulchen tried pistachio and pine nut, both a real explosion of flavor.

The next morning we decided to walk a little and explore these fantastic huge entrance halls in the old buildings. Usually the huge doors and gates are open until lunchtime or late afternoon and since my panther does not care about privacy, he took the opportunity to take a few snapshots.



Paulchen really enjoyed this trip. Specially since Rome is the Eternal City, the place for him to be. He´s begging to go there again. Obviously in spring, middle of June was to hot for the pink diva. And he is right. Late autumn or spring are the best periods for Rome. This city is crowded with tourists any time durning the year but at least the temperatures are enjoyable and nice. In case you end up during the hot season remember: in Rome do as the Romans do or in my case: do as the japanese do and wear a hat and long trousers.

Paulchen and

Paulchen and “Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines”

Every year since 1955 some brave men fly down the walls of Citta Alta in their self constructed soapboxes. The first run is a speed challenge, the second one includes obstacles like a little jump, a water jump and a foam gun (2nd row left in the background). Unfortunately these “cars” are so fast-they flash by-taking pictures with an eclectic cat and crazy soap boxes was a bit difficult.

The Grappa Mobile was our favorite.

The Grappa Mobile was our favorite.

Take a look here: a fab video with all the special effects. As already mentioned: there is a foam gun. And some water. Enjoy.

And a second video from Polar TV.

Paulchen loved it. But I could not take him closer to the water or the foam. He preferred to stay next to the Salsiccia-Foodtruck. Enough said right?!

Paulchen attending the Soap Box Rally in Bergamo