Paulchen and

Paulchen and “Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines”

Every year since 1955 some brave men fly down the walls of Citta Alta in their self constructed soapboxes. The first run is a speed challenge, the second one includes obstacles like a little jump, a water jump and a foam gun (2nd row left in the background). Unfortunately these “cars” are so fast-they flash by-taking pictures with an eclectic cat and crazy soap boxes was a bit difficult.

The Grappa Mobile was our favorite.

The Grappa Mobile was our favorite.

Take a look here: a fab video with all the special effects. As already mentioned: there is a foam gun. And some water. Enjoy.

And a second video from Polar TV.

Paulchen loved it. But I could not take him closer to the water or the foam. He preferred to stay next to the Salsiccia-Foodtruck. Enough said right?!


Paulchen attending the Soap Box Rally in Bergamo

Paulchen in Bergamo


View to BG Bassa

Paulchen loves sunshine and good food and lovely people. Watch the Ramazzotti commercial from 2004. Shot at P.zza Vecchia.

Paulchen at Piazza Vecchia in Citta Alta-Bergamo

Paulchen at Piazza Vecchia in Citta Alta-Bergamo

Don’t we all know them?!

I am sure we all know at least one person who seems to be glued onto their mobile phone. So how to deal with them? Here are some advices.

Well advice number one is very effective. But on the other hand do we really treat our friends like that? I am talking about real good friends. And then there is the same question the other way round: do real friends treat YOU like that?

Number two sounds like a very kind solution. Since there are busy people and sometimes they really need to check mail boxes. I am fine with that. Considering Facebook, Instagram or messages not as professional though.

Number three: honestly I am too lazy for this strategy. And I usually never have my mobile phone nearby when hosting guests, apart from using it as a timer.

Number four and five: yes and yes. It might seem a bit over the top to the guest but think about this: Your host spent time, energy and also money to cook for you. So please just leave your devices in your bags. In case a really important business project needs to be finished during a Friday or Saturday evening tell your host. And excuse in advance.

Keep your phone in your bag!